GCC News


Fuel Prices Rise in the UAE for March 2024

The UAE’s Fuel Prices Monitoring Committee announced an increase in gasoline and diesel prices for March 2024. This follows three


Digital Eyes on Gaza: The Unfiltered Lens of Social Media on Conflict and Compassion

A New Window to an Age-Old Conflict The conflict in Gaza has long captured the world’s attention, but the emergence

dependent fees

The Financial Burden of Dependent Fees on Low-Income Families in Saudi Arabia-Expat Dilemma

The Saudi government introduced dependent fees on expatriates families in 2017 as a way to boost state revenues and reduce

Evolution of the Saudi Arabian Flag

Introduction The Saudi Arabian flag has undergone several changes since its inception, each design representing a different era of Saudi

Neom – The Line

A megacity is coming up in the north-west of Saudi Arabia. It is a city in straight line which is