Tiger 3: Diwali Release Sets Box Office Abuzz

The highly anticipated film “Tiger 3,” featuring Bollywood heavyweights Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi, has been making waves in the industry even before its official release. The movie is a continuation of the successful “Tiger” franchise and is expected to be a significant addition to the Spy Universe. After a six-year hiatus, the lead pair, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, have reprised their roles as Tiger and Zoya, garnering a positive reception for the teaser and songs released thus far​

The advance booking for “Tiger 3” commenced on November 5th, with the film slated to release on Diwali. In an unconventional move, the makers chose to release the film on the day of Diwali itself, which is traditionally considered a low day at the box office. Despite this, the film has shown an impressive pre-release performance in ticket sales​

As per the latest reports, “Tiger 3” managed to sell an astounding 8,77,055 tickets on its first day of advance bookings, leading to a collection of approximately ₹22.97 crores. This strong start has set expectations high, with projections estimating the movie to surpass ₹30 crores on its opening day​

​This level of advance booking is a testament to the star power of Salman Khan and the enduring popularity of the “Tiger” franchise.

The advance ticket sales have been consistent across the major cinema chains in India. Reports indicate that around 56,100 tickets were sold in the three national chains—PVR, Inox, and Cinepolis—by 3 PM on the first day of advance booking​

In total, before its Diwali release, “Tiger 3” has sold 5.86 lakh tickets, amounting to ₹15.58 crores in pre-release collections​

The success of the “Tiger” franchise has always been a benchmark in the Bollywood industry, with previous installments also enjoying successful runs. The latest installment promises to deliver high-octane action, gripping narrative, and the charm of its leading duo, which has been a winning combination in the past. The box office predictions are optimistic, with many expecting “Tiger 3” to break previous records and set new ones.

This film not only carries the expectations of its star-studded cast but also rides on the back of a robust marketing strategy and a widespread fan base that spans across India and abroad. As a key piece in the Spy Universe, “Tiger 3” could potentially pave the way for future collaborations and crossovers within the cinematic world it inhabits.

The initial response to the advance booking of “Tiger 3” reflects the audience’s eagerness and the industry’s confidence in the film’s potential to be a blockbuster hit. With its strategic release timing and the already visible enthusiasm of fans, “Tiger 3” stands poised to make a significant impact on the box office, further solidifying the commercial viability of big-budget Bollywood films in the global cinematic landscape.